Chuck Franklin Glass Studio

Located in Portland, Oregon - Family owned and oporated since 1974

Chuck Franklin Glass Studio can create a stained glass window for you in just about
any size and design, from simple geometric cabinet inserts to intricate landscapes.

A family tradition, since 1974

Chuck Franklin retired from his business in 2015.  His grandson, Arther, and Arther's wife, Becky, had worked for Chuck for many years.  So it was a natural that Arther & Becky continued the family tradition of creating handmade stained glass pieces of art for your home or business.  We look forward to working with you!

Glass for your home

From traditional stained glass to fused glass,  our studio can create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece for your home.  Most of our pieces are made to be installed into an existing opening, but they can also hang in larger windows.  We also create room dividers and fused glass dishes and tiles that can enhance any room.

Glass for your business

Chuck Franklin Glass Studio has partnered with the McCormick & Schmick's national restaurant chain for over 40 years.  Each installation includes multiple windows, dome ceilings, 48" diameter lamps, and multiple wall sconces.  

Chuck's studio has a proven track record of completing large jobs on time and within budget.  We also do glasswork for remodeling and updating your business.