Chuck Franklin Glass Studio

Located in Portland, Oregon - Family owned and oporated since 1974


In addition to creating new stained glass pieces, we also do repairs and renovations.  

Just text or email  photos of your damaged pieces, and we'll  let you know if we can do the work.


Generally, we start with an idea and draw preliminary sketches for our clients.  Prices range, based on the design complexity and the glass selection, but a good average is  $100-200 per square foot.    Once the design and colors are approved, we require a 50% deposit to begin the work.  Once we start, it usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete your piece.


Our studio has partnered with Ron Branch, of Glasstone Studio.  Ron has many years' experience in the sandblasting and etching industry.  His attention to detail is incredible.                   Please contact Ron Branch directly if you're interested in having a   sandblasted piece created:                                


Fused glass is a process in which glass is melted together in a kiln.  Most of our fused work is in the form of dishes or inclusions for stained glass windows.  We can also make tiles to your sizes and specifications.